Renters FAQs

Renters FAQs

See: How to Book a Rental

Your booking request will be completed by the Owner.  Either the Owner or Renter can cancel the rental within 24 hours of booking for any reason. at no cost.

Once the booking request is completed and the Owner has charged the Renter's credit card, the Owner's Property Manager will contact the Renter to confirm protocols for check inprocess and confirm the Renter agrees to the terms of the contract.

You are booking directly with a specific owner   You can not change units without cancelling and paying the required fee and then rebooking online another unit.

Changes for 2021 Rental Season

Waterpark and Amenity passes are included in the rental fees for 2021. All units include a maximum of 8 amenity passes.

Most units rent for 3, 4 and 7 Night stays.  For 2021 some units offer a 5 Night stay and some 2 Night stays. Most units have check in and check outs on Mondays and Fridays.  There are a select number of units offering Sundays to Friday stays.

If the unit sleeps 6 you are allowed a maximum of 6 people to sleep over and a maximum of 2 people on the reservation to visit.  If the unit sleeps up to 8 people you are not allowed anymore than 8 people on the reservation.   

For 2021 there are no longer any day visitors.  All persons must be included in the reservation no later than 73 hours prior to check in.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please refer to the owner's rental agreement for the cancellation terms.

What if something goes wrong during my stay?

Owners have hired a property manager to provide  24/7  renter assistance for their renters to help with any issue during the rental period.  

What are Check in and Check out times?

Check in times vary by unit from 2pm to 3pm and Check out time is 10am for all units . You may arrive early and stay later in the park but can not access parking, golf cart or unit prior to check in or after check out.  Check in and Check out times are not negotiable and vary by unit.

Who can book a rental?

Each unit has a maximum number of adults stated in each rental allowed. Typically between 4 and 6 adults max. Total people allowed overnight in a rental is stated in each rental.  All adults must all be 25 and older with valid gov’t ID. An exemption is available for families traveling with their adult children however parents must be present overnight in the same unit for the entire length of stay.  The resort limits overnight stay maximum of 8 people including children and a maximum of 10 people including day visitors at any time.

No one on the Do Not Rent -Sherkston Rental Lists or banned by Sherkston Shores may rent a unit.

Is there a minimum stay requirement?

During Prime Season (June 25-Sept 6 2021) a minimum 3 Night Weekend Fri to Mon. During Spring and Fall months (April-June 25 and Sept 7 to Oct 31) a minimum 2 Night Weekend Fri to Sun.

Most of our rentals are available Mon to Friday, Friday to Mon and  Weekly.  Some units are available Sunday to Friday and Friday to Sunday during prime season.

What are the cleaning protocols?

All owners use a single cleaner in each unit. This ensures accountability. Commercial quality cleaning products are used to fight Covid-19.  All owners have units Electrostatic Sprayed including but not limited to carpet, sofas, sofa beds, outdoor patio cushions, window coverings and golf cart interiors. 

All owners provide a vacuum, broom, dust pan, j-cloths, and basic cleaning supplies.  

Owners ask renters to leave units vacuumed and tidy upon checkout. All garbage, food and personal items must be removed or additional cleaning fees will apply if requires additional cleaning time   

How far in advance should I book?

Book as early as possible to avoid disappointment and ensure you get the unit and dates you desire.

When can I check in? What time is check out?

Guests are allowed into the park at any time on the day of check-in, however your unit will not be ready until the time indicated on the agreement. If bringing food that may spoil ensure you have adequate portable cooler space in your vehicle.   

All guests are required to check-out by the time indicated on the agreement on the day of departure. No late checkouts available.

Golf cart Rules

If an owner’s rental comes with a golf cart it will be noted in the listing   If it not specifically noted then there is no golf cart   All renters must be 25+ to operate a golf cart and have a valid full G license. 

Smoking/vaping Policy

No one can smoke/vape inside the unit or on the deck of any unit. 

Pet Policy

Some unit owners allow dogs and will be noted on the listing if available and an additional fee may be charged by the Owner..

What makes the Booking Portal unique?

  1. All renter funds are paid directly to a specific owner. No unit switching is allowed once booked.   A  24 hour consumer cooling off period is provided prior to the Owner charging the Renter’s credit card.  
  2. Sherkston Trailers Rentals Inc. has no access to renter funds nor credit card info.
  3. Contracts are between Owners and Renters and produced electronically at time of booking. 
  4. Owners must accept or decline a specific reservation by signing into their Square-up account and accepting the payment. from the renter.  
  5. Owners choose their own Property Manager to assist with the renters stay.  Sherkston Trailer Rentals Inc. is not a property manager.
  6. Property Managers assist  renters only AFTER the booking has been completed with the owner.  
  7. Property Managers do not provide rental advice to renters.
  8. Property Managers help renters during their stay and handle any deficiencies with the unit as well as arrange cleaning and other maintenance issues.